Saturday 10th to Sunday 11th August, 2013. Singing master-class.

I will be facilitating a singing master-class weekend in August. At the Swarthmore Education centre, Leeds. Saturday 10am until 6pm and Sunday 11am until 8pm.

Cost is £54

We are now taking bookings for the course. The number of places available is limited so please let us know if you would like to reserve a place.Image

The course is open to those that have previous experience of singing in front of others. The course is funded by the W.E.A; making it a very affordable weekend course.

To book please send a message to or

ring 07934 859885

Thank you, Jennifer.

Overview of the course…………………

Sing solo and group pieces with the aid of piano accompaniment. 

Explore singing and acting; using acting methods to dramatise the voice and performance.

Sing advanced to difficult pieces of music.

Learn in depth the singing techniques employed to tackle increasing the vocal register, improving the tone of the voice and having greater control over the delivery.

To perform a set of songs individually in front of a live audience. 

Stage techniques; musical, opera & general pop/rock music.

Work on audition skills.

Individual voice coaching.

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